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Breaking Down the Silo Mentality

MarcomMetric inspires organisations to move beyond conventional marketing silos by integrating data insights across online marketing channels.

The key to delivering great integrated brand, product, and service experiences to customers is to focus technology, human resources and workflows around sales tracking, attribution modelling, and data visulization with the ultimate purpose of meeting customer needs at every single touchpoint.

Sales Tracking
Moving beyond silo marketing

Sales Tracking

Build a micro-segmentation framework by integrating relevant marketing metrics.

Combined with prescriptive analytics, integration empowers business analyses through data visualisation, improved digital accountability, and online CRM metrics.

Attribution Modelling

Business intelligence adds value to data feeds and enables you to focus your marketing.

BI tools may reveal trends, brand associations, and fast-rising topics, which can be used to optimize digital campaigns and position the brand for digital marketing success. To ensure effectiveness, corporate objectives should guide such business intelligence initiatives.

Data Visualization

Improve the lead to qualified lead stage of the sales funnel.

Marketers need to understand where and why leads are leaking out to improve conversion rates. An effective automation program induces cost efficiency and spending money on high-return marketing initiatives.

MarcomMetric Insights

Digital solutions are invading the business environment, provoking significant changes in ways of working, communicating, and selling.

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