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Today’s marketers face a wide array of new digital opportunities such as social media, search engines, and online marketplaces. Overall, these online channels generate a tremendous amount of data, which merchants can use to engage customers, change internal operations, and even transform business models. Yet, most organisations are still subject to silo mentality and tend to rely on single-channel core competencies due to lack of coordination and integration. To move beyond traditional marketing silos, organisations need to invest in human  resources and technology that integrates data insights across online marketing channels and optimizes for the holistic brand experience of the consumer.

A customer-centric approach


The information gap between organisations and customers is slowly being closed. Customers expect what companies should do for them, namely that they should make their lives easier with all the data they gather. Hence, customers know that companies are tracking their path-to-purchase and spending habits. Yet, they are no longer content with having just companies benefit from big data. They want something that helps them too, like using that data to provide a better customer experience. As such, the key to delivering great integrated brand, product, and service experiences to customers is to focus technology, human resources and workflows around sales tracking, attribution modelling, and data visualization with the ultimate purpose of meeting customer needs at every single touchpoint. This is what drives MarcomMetric.

Simon Raun Madsen


I am a marketing, business, and communications academic and practitioner with strong cross-disciplinary skills from courses and work experience within the fields of marketing and business intelligence. In particular, my passion for technology and several years of experience with online marketing have provided me with a flair for digital solutions, data analysis, and front-end development.

As a search marketing consultant at Geniads, my ideas derive from a PPC context.

Simon Raun Madsen

Founder of MarcomMetric

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