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Business Feed Intelligence

Improving efficacy of digital marketing is fundamental to driving business results.

Aligned with objectives, business intelligence empowers data feeds in terms of immediate insight into online activities that have an impact on business. For instance, BI tools may reveal trends, brand associations and fast-rising topics, which can be used to optimize digital campaigns and position the brand for digital marketing success.

To ensure effectiveness, corporate objectives should guide business intelligence initiatives. Thus, deciding on the most meaningful metrics or KPIs upfront is important.

"Business intelligence can pinpoint potential issues long before they escalate. If a particular product, medium or link-building tactic bring in little or no traffic, you can adjust before wasting time and resources on an extensive campaign. Hence, it reduces the risk of repeating the same mistakes, as well as it enables you to focus your marketing efforts."

Optimizing for Ad Viewability

Real-time insights enable rapid optimization of ad viewability.

Search engines and social media provide recent news and updates on current events, which generate a constant stream of data. Seeing that timing is critical, companies can gain a competitive advantage by analysing real-time data. For instance, if certain keywords are not converting, business intelligence can help you quickly resolve these issues. Combined with social data, such data can explain why Product X sells so well in a certain geographic area and even help you spot early trends driving product development, delivery, and marketing messaging.

Google feed

Search Engines

Optimize your presence in search engines and increase revenue.

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Social media feed

Social Media

Enrich business feeds with structured and unstructured data.

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Amazon feed

Online Marketplaces

Use real-time insights to capture trends and convert audiences.

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