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Beyond Marketing Automation

Successful process automation enables cost efficiency and improved conversion rates.

Effective automation not only collects data from multiple channels, but also uses those various channels to automate processes and distribute marketing messages.

This requires a skilled marketing team, sufficient leads to feed into automation processes, products/services that do not require lead nurturing, and dedicated use of CRM tools. Moreover, it demands integration between the website, CRM, and marketing automation platform, as well as clear definitions of the stages in the sales process.

"Automation of inbound marketing processes focuses on the lead to qualified lead stage of the sales funnel. Hence, it is important to recognise that it does not do lead generation, but it can help scale marketing efforts. Yet, many automation investments fail due to lack of skills in the marketing team or inadequate CRM integration."

Improve Conversion Rate in the Funnel

Nurture the user experience and do it dynamically based on response and use.

By understanding where and why leads are leaking out, marketers can plug those leaks with automatic nurturing, especially when it is integrated with CRM. Ultimately, efficiency and spending money on high-return marketing initiatives are the desired outcomes of an effective automation program.


Automate your marketing reports and focus on value creation.

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Bid Management

PPC bidding based on desired ROI targets or cost per acquisition.

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Alerts and Tracking

Reduce lead leakage and profit drainers by detecting issues.

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