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Don't trust your data - it is probably wrong!

Data-Driven Marketing

Applying the right set of tools, we can extract powerful insights from stockpiles of data.

A key challenge for today’s marketers is interpretation of online user data. The massive amount of data available has reached the point at which we arguably know too much about the user.

A fundamental question is how we identify the most important data points to build target segments. Through integration of relevant marketing metrics across online channels, we can build a sound micro-segmentation framework. This framework should reflect business goals and address issues such as data quality, statistical significance, and segment evolution.

"MarcomMetric recognises that online users enter the top of the so-called engagement funnel as separate and unique experiences and the aim is to optimize these experiences. Essentially, websites involve lead generation sites, media sites, support sites, and eCommerce sites. Each of these types demands different behavioural data to build segments."

Unlocking the Value of Data Integration

Prescriptive analytics is becoming a disruptive force on making business decisions more efficient.

Creation of big data through integration does not offer much value in its unprocessed state. Overall, most of business analyses are descriptive as they look at past performance by mining historical data to uncover reasons for past success or failure.

Predictive analytics combines historical performance data with rules, algorithms, and occasionally external data to determine what is about to happen. In particular, this empowers data visualisation, digital accountability, and online CRM metrics.

Data visualisation

Data Visualisation

Visualise tomorrow's metrics and act on them today.

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Digital accountability

Digital Accountability

Attribute your sales leads properly and val­i­date mar­ket­ing ROI.

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Online CRM metrics

Online CRM Metrics

Identify the channels and segments that drive your profits.

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